Hello Deer Design Co. is run by us, fiancée team, Liz and Erica. Each of us sees every project completely different. One instinctually sees it from a right-brain perspective, while the other approaches from a left-brain point of view. You can say this diversity has become our signature. The balance creates a more diverse creative process along with intense collaborative sessions; in turn producing more wholistic solutions.

Along with diverse mindsets, we each come from opposite professional backgrounds as well. One of us comes from building products, producing UI/UX solutions, UX researching, video editing, branding and creating marketing materials for start-ups, mid-size companies, as well as a fortune 500 company. The other one of us has years of experience in the payroll, human resources, networking and hospitality industry.

It truly doesn’t get much more diverse than that. We live what we practice and 100% believe that there isn’t just one way to solve a problem, nor one mindset that knows best. The work we create isn’t just the result of one person, it’s a beautiful collaborative solution because it is the result of the collective; client included.

The work we do here at Hello Deer Design Co. is something we truly love doing. We love meeting new people, listening to what our clients need and helping them achieve solutions beyond their expectations.

When we’re not doing HDDC work we’re probably binge watching the latest on Netflix, hanging with our not so tiny human, traveling or wishing we were taking long walks on the beach.